Edward 4 Education is a charity-based organization formed and founded October 2010, by Singer and song writer Claudia Edward. The Foundation was officially launched and introduced to the St. Lucian community on November 22nd 2010 to assist selected schools in providing specific capital for comfortable teaching and learning. With the assistance and endorsement of the Ministry of Education, “Edward 4 Education” undertakes a yearly project to provide better working and studying environments for the children and teachers of selected schools. Edward 4 Education also seeks to create participation and cooperation between artists, entrepreneurs, government officials, parents and the general St. Lucian population.
Our schools are not always equipped for student and teacher comfort. Edward 4 Education will assist in enhancing the quality of the learning environment so that students feel proud and comfortable in their schools.The foundation’s fundraising efforts in site-specific schoolyards and community centers will foster unity between the schools and the communities in which they are located. This is a great opportunity for the Ministry of Education to work closely with the organization and the private business community in ensuring that every project comes to fruition.
Through its actions, the foundation will apprise the public of the issues and challenges that the learning institutes face in order to foster support and action from the community in step with the organization to provide a better environment for the children. The foundation will work with one specific school for an entire year to ensure that the initiated project is completed and functions effectively.
It engages in projects that are realistic in their efforts to have a significant impact on the environments in which children and teachers spend most of their time.
Projects include:

  • tiling classrooms
  • paving school yards
  • providing fans for better ventilation, a
  • furnishing schools with library buildings and books, and, in the case of the Corinth Secondary School
  • building sick bays

Edward 4 Education conducted its first charity event for the Corinth Secondary School on Sunday December 19th 2010 at the St. Lucia Golf & Country Club. An auction comprising jewelry and ladies’ handbags from sought-after vendors as well as paintings from prominent St. Lucian artists, was among the highlights of the day. We are elated to report that from our first charity event we were able to raise a significant amount of capital towards our goal. For an entire year, we will work diligently with the school and initiate more fundraising activities which will help us realize our goal.
The students of the Corinth Secondary School will soon be able to wait and rest comfortably in a room properly equipped to meet their needs.
With the successful completion of our first project, Edward 4 Education has gained the trust of the Ministry of Education, the business and school communities and the people of St. Lucia.
The Foundation is proud to announce the newest project. Together with the Ministry of Education & Ministry of Tourism, a few workshops will be conducted by Ms. Julia Perlowski of Florida who is a Director of Theatre programs, Instructor of English & Reading, PGHS. She has willingly donated her time and services to the training of Literature teachers and students of St. Lucia by conducting four 1-day workshop sessions throughout the island. Ms. Perlowski will commence on March 25th and complete the trainings on March 28th 2013.

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